Crossin´ No 9 on youtube:

Crossin´ No 9:

Stephan Zirkel: guitar, mandolin, vocals.

Anita Huemmer: guitar, vocals. Old-Time and American Roots Music,contemporary songs and songs of their own as well. 

The name is a reminiscence to the great American musician Norman Blake, who wrote a song with that title. And – Crossing means to us: Crossing 

musical borders, coming together, a communication between similar musical genres. Last but not least – nearly all our meetings take place at number 9, which is Stephan’s home, where we came together for the first time…Crossin' No.9 ! first time…

Crossin' No.9 !

Photographs: Monika Meinhart, Stephan Zirkel

Artwork: Monika Meinhart

(Shady Grove, Pastures of Plenty)